Love Music? Ever Considered Putting On Your Own Gigs?


If you’re a music fan, there’s nothing better than going to see a band live, however, have you ever considered putting on your own gigs? Regardless of whether you live in a big city or a small town, there’s always bands looking to play across every corner of the UK and there’s always both small and large venues which you can use to put on shows…ranging from small back rooms in local pubs through to established venues on the national circuit.

Love Music? Ever Considered Putting On Your Own Gigs?

It’s simply a case of starting small and building it up, however as a music fan, there are not many things which can give as much satisfaction as putting on a sold-out show and seeing your local music scene booming all thanks to yourself! In order to take a look at putting on your own shows, we’ve teamed up with A.T. Music Group (who offer, amongst other things, PA hire in London) to bring you a number of top tips!

First things first, before you even consider booking bands, find yourself a venue! If you’re a music fan, you probably already know of all the best local venues, however, get yourself down and chat with a few! Find out the higher costs, availability and, as well, whether or not they have their own PA system! Once you know what’s available in terms of venues (including capacities and the like), it’s time to find some bands!

It’s always suggested that, initially, you start off small and put on a few shows of local bands. That way, you won’t have huge overheads and you’ll get the chance to, above anything else, gain some experience in promoting shows. If you know the local scene, try and entice local bands who you know pull a crowd to make sure you’ve got a full house but also so you know you’re really working with someone promotable!

In terms of promoting the show, you need to make sure you’re taking heavily to social media but don’t ignore traditional advertising! Make sure you’ve got posters in local shops, at the venue and that you flyer at other shows. If no one knows about your gig, how can they attend?

Above all, promoting shows is a whole load of fun and we can guarantee that, once you’ve started, you won’t be able to stop!

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