Seven Must-have Updos for Long Hair


All the updos are versatile. From mega weddings to formal occasions, to casual ones, the updos for long hair will never fail you. You will always find the style that rocks for any event. Also, they will not take most of your time styling.

Seven Must-have Updos for Long Hair

We have assembled classic must-have updos for long hair to motivate you to try something new with your beautiful hair. Read here and choose your favorite style.
Big High Bow

1. Braided Baby Blue Updo

This captivating baby blue hair is light perfection-particularly if this breath-taking hue is augmented with a cute updo. A beautiful lock is worked starting from either side of the head to the other side, and the voluminous hair tresses are swept up and curled into a gorgeous bun at the back crown.
Braided Low Curly Bun
This cute brown balayage hairstyle is waved into a bright ringlet starting from the bottom to the nape. A French braid is worked on one side to fasten the hair in a beautiful low bun. The curls are kept loose in a random manner to bring out the most beautiful style ideal for the formal event.

2. Piled High Loose Bun

These utterly long updos for long hair is an ideal messy braided hairstyle that you cannot get enough of it. It is beautiful, so to say.
Red and Blonde Curly Bun
This women’s stunning red hair has culminated with gorgeous blonde trimmings thanks to the outstanding ombre transition. The hair is curled to achieve tight ringlets, and the hair twisted to the back and held into a curly bun at the bottom. Besides, the curls are left to cascade down loosely to the jaw length to get a perfect, sexy finish.

3. Loosely Braided Blonde Bun

This beautiful updos for long hair might be the favorite updo for many ladies. This prominent bohemian hairdo is so striking. From light brown with romantic caramel highlights, this style shows off the hair hues. The braids are worked out from the back, and the remaining hair is twisted into a beautiful, loose bun.

4. Messy Blonde Twisted Bun

This striking blonde hairstyle is so stunning-you cannot resist trying t when you see it. To begin with, side, sweep the front section with a white blonde shade. Twist the remaining hair and curl it into a bun and fasten it to get a beautiful silhouette. It is an adorable style, isn’t it?

5. Chocolate Brown Pinned Updo

This is yet another hairdo to motivate you. It is the best updo to show off your beauty. The front section is pulled to the back to create a cool quiff. The remaining hair is held together to come up with this braided hairstyle. The ringlets are left to cascade down the face.

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