The Fashion Features of Wedding Dresses in 2011


The wedding dress is just like a person if it hasn’t its own character. It is not a good wedding dress for wedding fashion. Thus, a perfect wedding dress must have its own character and style. If you are a fashion fan, do you know the most fashionable features of the wedding dress of wedding fashion this year?

The Fashion Features of Wedding Dresses in 2011

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The first thing I would like to talk about is neckline. As we know, the neckline is the closest position to the face. There are different kinds of the neckline, such as shoulder slope drop, thin shoulder straps, boat neck, round neck, U-shape neck, shoulder strapless, heart-shaped neck, round shape neck and V-shape neck and so on. According to the recent report, V-shape neck and shoulder strapless is much popular this year as they present both a sense of sex and elegance.

Having mentioned neckline, I am going to tell waistline. There are also many kinds of the waistline, such as Basque cuttings, low waist, high waist, middle waist, and princess cuttings. These kinds of waistline fit for tight chest style, empire style, round neck style, waist style, and single shoulder style respectively. Having analyzed the waistline from the past time to now, we have found that princess cuttings will become a new fashion feature in 2011.

While mentioning the wedding dress, we cannot forget the importance of color. In general, white is the perpetual color of a wedding dress with wedding fashion, especially the pure white, which is regarded as the wedding fashion most pure color in the world.

However, as time went by, many brides prefer to choose some distinctive color, such as ivory, pink and so forth. Unlike pure white, these kinds of color always give us a sense of fashion. For example, purple wedding dress with bridal fashion will present a sense of romantic and mysterious, which is the symbol of fashion.

But when picking out the color of the wedding dress, you must pay attention to your skin color. Though most of the color is shine and unique for the wedding dress, they may not fit you. As is known to us all, the best one is the most suitable one, so you should pick out the one suit your most.

There are various kinds of fashion feature of a wedding dress with bridal fashion in 2011. However, fashion doesn’t mean well. You needn’t buy a wedding dress only because it is fashion. It is really unwise and blindfold. A good wedding dress should suit you most and can discover your advantages which others cannot if you have found this kind of wedding dress with bridal fashion, I am sure you must find the best wedding dress for yourself.

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