Small Earrings for All Occasions. You’ve Got to Love Stud Earrings!


Ear piercing is a practice that has been extremely popular for several decades. Today, almost every woman and many men have at least one piercing in their ear. The most convenient type of ear jewellery is stud earrings which are tiny studs. This kind of ear jewellery is available in various forms and shapes!

The art of piercing and the symbolism of earrings

Ear piercing is an art that has been known for thousands of years. Not only in antiquity, but in prehistoric times, some parts of the body were pierced and earrings made of wood or bone were worn in them. For thousands of years, various piercings have symbolized courage, fertility, hunting skills, marital status and were also an indicator of position or belonging to a group or clan. For many years, however, earrings have been associated simply with pretty ornaments, which are now very diverse. Small stud earrings as well as large dangle earrings and hoops are available in shops and salons which are selling jewellery.

Who wears earrings?

Nowadays, both men and women pierce their ears. There was a moment in history when gentlemen almost completely abandoned this practice, and beautiful, decorated earrings had their place only in caskets and on the ears of elegant, wealthy women (or pirates). Today, however, thanks to the popularization of artificial jewellery, as well as changes that take place in fashion every decade, thousands of people of all genders decorate their ears with stud earrings and other interesting models of ear jewellery.

What exactly are stud earrings?

Stud earrings are small pieces of jewellery which are being worn close to the ear lobe. They are made of a small rod to which an ornament (for example pearl, rhinestone, piece of metal, etc.) is attached. This kind of earring is fastened with a clasp. Thanks to this design, the decorative part of the earring is visible on the ear lobe, and the clasp is hidden behind the ear and therefore invisible from the front. These types of earrings usually do not have any additional pendants or hanging elements, so they are really comfortable to wear in any situation.

Various models of stud earrings

Studs are earrings that are eagerly worn by both women and men at any age. They are perfect for work, school, and everyday occasions as delicate, subtle decorations. However, there are models decorated with quite big crystals or pearls, which are perfect for dates or special occasions. There is no shortage of various models that will meet the expectations of every person.

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