5 Factors to Prioritize When Buying Engagement Rings for the First Time


With a lot of jewelry stores and ring designs to choose from, knowing where and how to buy perfect engagement rings might seem overwhelming. Besides, it is among the biggest purchases you can make, so you might need to ensure you do everything correctly.

Not just because there are considerable costs to accompany the purchase, but also because you need your significant other to love the ring as much as you love her. If it is your first time buying an engagement ring, here are factors that can help you get the right piece:

  1. Personal Style

What does your significant other wear to express herself in social settings, at home, or work? Always check the colors/patterns she puts on, the jewelry she wears, and the fabrics she chooses.

Although most women are picky, your spouse to be maybe has a personal style she gravitates towards. Know this style first before buying the ring.

  1. Ordering Early

Unless you want to purchase a preset engagement ring, your jeweler might need time to place your preferred diamond in the ring’s setting. In addition, several engagement rings are made only after ordering – something that might take some time.

To ensure you get your ring before the day of proposing, be sure to order the ring early. The rule of thumb is to order the ring two months in advance to give enough breathing room. Though you can still consult your jeweler regarding the exact time, it might take weeks for your engagement ring to be completed.

  1. Size

You cannot resize all rings to fit wearers. Since resizing means you need to cut silver and close the gap or add more metal, most rings with gems or engraving cannot be resized easily.

For this reason, it is advisable to go for the right size from the get-go. To determine your partner’s ring size, ensure you swipe an often-worn ring from her jewelry box to take it to your jeweler.

  1. Budget

Throw out the old three-month salary misconception and purchase the best engagement ring UK without going into big debt. If your significant other is a size queen, but your budget is not that super-sized, make sure you get a ring with a big surface area or table.

You might not get as much sparkle, though one-carat rings may seem bigger in case the stone is not that deep.

  1. Shape

When thinking of an engagement ring, one of the first things, which comes to mind is the diamond’s shape. This is where you might want to begin, and it can be a great idea to know what jeweler means by shape.

The most common shape for rings is round, though other shapes you can choose are heart, marquise, square, pear, rectangle, and oval.

In a Nutshell!

Purchasing engagement rings are one of the stressful decisions. You will have a lot to think about your marriage proposal and thousands of options to choose from.

An engagement ring is something, which your significant other will wear for many years. As such, it is vital to be careful while buying the ring with the help of the above factors.

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